About Us

In 1991, Professional Data Systems, Inc. began development of our ProTrac Software. The market for the product was the small to mid-sized distributors who needed all of the power of the larger wholesalers, without the financial resources.

PDSI was established 1991 in Lee’s Summit by Charles Barr.  Charlie had worked in management at Triad Systems for many years.  He saw that the small to mid-sized distributor was not being served by the large distribution software packages.  He decided to create ProTrac to serve that part of the market.

Today PDSI serves distributor clients in 44 states.

Diamond Drilling & Supply Showroom

Diamond Drilling & Supply Showroom

Our customers include distributors of:

  • Tools
  • Industrial Products
  • Bearings
  • Electrical
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Plumbing
  • Electronics
  • Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Commercial Sewing Parts and Equipment
  • Cut Flower Wholesalers
  • Many of our distributors also Service Tools and Equipment

Jim Howlett, President of PDSI, “Today, we continue to honor Charlie’s business philosophy.  From the initial sale and on-going software support, we keep ProTrac Software affordable for our small to mid-sized customers.  The small to mid-sized wholesaler that we serve has a need for the same software features that their large competitors are using.  However, they do not have the deep pockets to buy that software.  Charlie set out to create ProTrac to serve this part of the marketplace with software that was designed and priced for the small to mid-sized distributor.”

Charlie stated our business philosophy very simply:


ProTrac is Serious Distribution Software
for a Sensible Price

Some of the reasons why you will enjoy our refreshing philosophy:

  1. We are the author and support team for ProTrac
  2. We have telephone support without  voice mail
  3. We are dedicated to improving your profits
  4. The software was built by us from the ground up
  5. We have excellent Programmers and Developers who know the distribution industry

Better price (Lower Cost of Ownership) is the end result. We use better technology and eliminate burdensome practices that cost money.

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