Q?Do you have an example of reports available from the ProTrac software?

ProTrac has literally hundreds of reports. ProTrac also has a report writer for our ProTrac application.

Examples (click to view)

Take time to review these reports – they cover:

  • Inventory
  • Product Line Profitability
  • Commission Reporting
  • Product Requirements
Q?Does your software work with Windows OS?

ProTrac was initially developed in 1991 for the Microsoft Windows OS.  We have been a part of Microsoft ever since.  Today, we are installing the 64 Bit Microsoft Windows 10. Windows 8 is still under review for compatibility.

Q?What Database do you use?

We use the Progress 4th Generation Relational Database out of Boston, Mass.  Each day, Over 4 million users sign on to a Progress Relational Data Base. We use Progress, for our Data Base and as our Application Development program.

Q?What markets do you serve?

We serve the small to mid-sized wholesaler with 4 to 60 users who have from 1 to 10 branches.

  • Our customer base includes Hard Goods Distributors, Tool Distributors, Electrical Distributors, Plumbing Distributors, Industrial Distributors, Machinery Distributors
  • Our customer base also includes Agricultural Distributors, Cut Flower and Floral Supply Distributors
Q?Are you the Main Provider of your ProTrac Software?

From our headquarters in Lee’s Summit, MO (suburb of Kansas City, MO) we both write new code and provide support for our customer base in 44 states. Consequently when a customer wants new code, they do not have to go through a reseller or the maze of a large software house.

Q?What are your strengths?

ProTrac allows our customers to compete head to head with the largest wholesalers in their marketplace.  ProTrac is a solid no nonsense distribution software package that is designed for the small to mid-sized market that we serve.   Our customers have the latest technology available without having to have deep pockets.

Q?How does your support work?

We have a monthly support contract that is one of best priced in the industry.  We provide and all inclusive support package with no hidden charges.  Our support runs from 8AM to 5 PM with emergency after-hours support available to 10 PM Central time. There are no added phone contracts or charges to fix a problem, regardless of the situation.

Q?How are software upgrades done?

Upgrades are provided as part of our monthly support charge. They are handled by our support team.

Q?Do you have a telephone support charge?

We do not charge for telephone calls.

Q?How often can we call in during a month?

You call as often as you need to call.

Q?When we call does the support clock start ticking?

ProTrac support does not have a clock. We fix the problem and let our customers keep on selling products

Q?If I hire a new manager can we send that individual to PDSI for training?

We provide virtual training as a part of our Monthly Software Support.  We will provide  training tailored to the individual or company.

Q?How do you support each installation?

We utilize TeamViewer to log on to a customer site and work on their screen or we can have the customer log onto our headquarter system for some hands on training on new software features.