Processing with 3 New Technologies

We have integrated the following new and exciting features into our ProTrac software. These features have already been completed and are a part of our ProTrac offering.

  • Electronic Invoices and Electronic Purchase Orders can be

•  Faxed
•  Emailed
•  Printed directly out of ProTrac

Our Electronic Forms for invoicing are being used by our customers all over the country. We are adding more electronic forms to our software.

        • Electronic invoicing has been a part of ProTrac for some time.
        • If you are still printing and mailing invoices, this electronic form will save you .85 cents per invoice. It will also help reduce your average days to pay and help to lower your outstanding Accounts Receivable total.
        • Batch Invoice Capability: While batch invoicing has always been available in ProTrac, we have added the ability to send an Electronic Invoice Form that can be emailed, faxed, or printed and mailed.
        • You can print an Electronic Invoice at the counter and email an invoice reprint to the company.
        • The Electronic Purchase Order Form is being added at this time. The next electronic form will be the statement
        • Example Electronic Invoice form

We have selected and tested with live data our new CLOUD provider

      • We have selected a Cloud provider and have installed and tested
        °  Demonstration of our ProTrac Database
        °  We have installed and tested a 4 gigabyte Live ProTrac Database with over 10 years of data
        °  We have run a daily sales report against all sales for the last 10 years on both a server and on our Cloud provider’s server. The Cloud was about 5 minutes faster than the 3-year-old server. This proved to us that the Cloud could handle a 4 gigabyte file and give us a good response
      • If your server is getting long of tooth, you may want to take a look at our new CLOUD offering.  (more information)
    • Every large wholesaler in your area has a Vice President in charge of Customer Analytics. That VP is using some kind of Business Analytics or SWOT Software. With this software they can tell:SWOT_Highlights
    • SWOT CRM and your customer
      There are only so many customers and so many dollars to go around. If your customer is buying from a large competitor who is using SWOT or Business Analytics, that company knows what your customer is and is not buying from them. They can and will quickly fill any “niche” that they ARE NOT CURRENTLY SERVING, because they have the information that comes from a product like SWOTNow that same information is available to you!
    • Customer Relations Management
      Now we have added a Customer Relations Management program to SWOT

      • Over the last 15 months we have reviewed several CRM packages to find the package that is both solid and offers an excellent return on your investment in this new software.
      • We have chosen the SWOT CRM product because of its Depth, Ease of Use, AND its Price Point
      • In reality, CRM cuts a wider swath than any Wholesale Distribution Software Package
      • CRM impacts the customer in PreSale, the Sale, and in the Post Sale.
        • It is used for initial marketing
        • It uses an email marketing capability, Mail Chimp
        • It encompasses customer notes and future appointments
        • If you want to see all of your contacts in a company from your iPhone, iPad, or from your Android device, you can have that information from our SWOT CRM
        • Would you like to see the last proposal that you sent to this company? When you are sitting in their parking lot, use your iPad, iPhone, Android, or laptop and display it on the screen.
    • Continue for more information regarding SWOT CRM and its interfacing with ProTrac

If you want more information on ProTrac and on these new features, give us a call. We can both discuss and demonstrate all three of these features:

Call and request a quote today.

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