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We started in 1992 working with hard goods distributors and that is still the backbone of our customer list. Articles in this section are aimed at helping our Hard Goods distributor sell more product at a better profit.

ProTrac’s Inventory Analysis Program

To help our customers gain a better control over their inventory, we listened to what they wanted and developed this analysis report. Our customers wanted to analyze inventory based on:
  • Customer purchases
  • Customer quotes
  • Special orders
  • Standing orders
  • Standing quotes
  • What was already on a submitted Purchase.

Inventory the Asset that Keeps on Giving

Several years ago I had the privilege to meet a wholesaler who taught me more about being a business man and how to control inventory than anyone before or since. In my thinking he is the Grand Master of Inventory. .


Hello Distributors!

Welcome to the PDSI Website. We are looking forward to sharing our years of wholesale distribution experience with you.

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Processing with 3 New Technologies

We have integrated the following new and exciting features into our ProTrac software. These features have already been completed and are a part of our ProTrac offering. (more…).