Hello Distributors!

Welcome to the PDSI Website. We are looking forward to sharing our years of wholesale distribution experience with you.

Our Blog is Categorized into Five Different Categories

Distribution, General This category includes information about new features in ProTrac

White Papers, Inventory White Papers are designed to inform a wholesaler about business topics, without selling a product. Inventory is the only asset that brings revenue into a distributor and articles in this category offer suggestions on how to improve inventory control

White Papers, General White Papers on how to improve your bottom line using technology

Wholesalers, Hard Goods We started in 1992 working with hard goods distributors and that is still the backbone of our customer list. Articles in this section are aimed at helping our Hard Goods distributor sell more product at a better profit.

Wholesalers, Non Durable Cut Flower Wholesalers and Agricultural Wholesalers are faced with a product whose life span is in days and that requires specialized software. ProTrac has a software package that is aimed specifically at the Non Durable marketplace.

Select the category that meets your needs. If you have questions, please call 800-711-7374 and ask for Mel Carney.

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